slay demons, gather weapons and find the ladder to the next dungeon. a simple rogue-like we created in a week.

Your browser needs WebGL enabled for this game to work.


move - wasd / arrow keys
attack - spacebar
pickup/use ladder - f


Thank you to 0x72 for the free assets used in this game <3


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This game is amazing, but a problem I had were the attack controls. Try using the mouse for attacking.

It doesn't seem to run for me. It sits on a blue screen.

Maybe your browser doesn't have WebGL enabled. Does this website work for you?

Yeah I see the spinning cube :/ Looks like a fun game, hope I can figure out whats goin on!💯

Thanks, I hope so too. :)

Maybe you could open the browser console and see if there is an error message? If you right-click on this page and then select 'inspect' you should see the developer menu. If you click on "console" then you migth see an error message there. At least that's how it works in chrome.

Alright. I’ll try it!

I love this game, but I have one question: what do the roses/shurikens (?) do?

the shurikens seem to shoot out in all 4 directions when you get hit, im not sure about the rose tho

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The game is really good.

The attack system is really satisfying, maybe with some movement limitations. Just to give suggestions: flip the player based on mouse position and add the possibility of moving the weapon around the player 

Small details like the red flash, the dust trail and the blood particles make the difference in a game. What engine do you use, just to know?

Sorry for the bad english.

Thank you for the feedback. Yes, that sounds like a better movement system. I personally don't use a mouse, so I tend towards keyboard only movement.

We're not using a game engine, but we use pixi.js for rendering and for the particles we're using a plugin called pixi-particles.